Warn on Forecast


Agendas and presentations from the annual Warn-on-Forecast workshops may be found on the Workshops page.

Simultaneous radar and satellite data storm-scale assimilation using an ensemble Kalman filter approach for 24 May 2011, Jones, T. A., D. Stensrud, L. Wicker, P. Minnis and R. Palikonda (.pdf, 2.8 MB)

Warn-on-Forecast Year Three Work Plan (Mar 2012–Feb 2013) (.pdf, 117 kB)

Warn-on-Forecast Year Two Report on Project Activities (Mar 2011–Feb 2012) (.pdf, 1.4 MB)

Warn-on-Forecast Year Two Work Plan (Mar 2011–Feb 2012) (.pdf, 119 kB)

Warn-on-Forecast Six Month Activity Report (Mar 2011–Sep 2011) (.pdf, 119 kB)

Warn-on-Forecast Year One Work Plan (Mar 2010–Feb 2011) (.pdf, 119 kB)

Warn-on-Forecast Report on Project Activities (Mar 2010–Sept 2010) (.pdf, 93 kB)

Warn-on-Forecast Project Plan (.pdf, 245 kB)

Convective-scale warn on forecast: A vision for 2020, Stensrud, D. J., M. Xue, L. J. Wicker, K. E. Kelleher, M. P. Foster, J. T. Schaefer, R. S. Schneider, S. G. Benjamin, S. S. Weygandt, J. T. Ferree, and J. P. Tuell (.pdf, 1.8 MB)

Warn-on-Forecast fact sheet, a brief overview of the Warn-on-Forecast project, in layperson's language (.pdf, 772 kB)

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