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XKCD Tornado Hunters

VORTEX2: Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment

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Sean Waugh in the NSSL vehicle bay

VORTEX2: What's New in 2010?

Join Sean Waugh on a tour of the NSSL vehicle bay as he explains what's new in the fleet for 2010.

Video length: 3:13 min

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That Weather Show

That Weather Show, VORTEX2 Edition

That Weather Show is a video/podcast series brought to you by the NOAA Weather Partners in Norman, OK. We're dedicating this first video episode to the brave scientists whose mission is to hunt tornadoes. Hosted by Cat Taylor, 2009 Miss Oklahoma International / Univ. of Oklahoma Meteorology Student.

Video length: 4:19 min

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VORTEX2 Media Day


NOAA stock video footage from VORTEX2 for media use.

Information about other options for ordering NOAA public domain video may be found on the Media Resources page.

June 5 tornado


Video footage from the NOAA VORTEX2 media vehicle. Near La Grange, Wyoming, 05 June, 2009.

Video length: 1:19 min
Credit: NOAA

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Dr. Louis Wicker

Three Questions With Dr. Lou Wicker

Dr. Louis Wicker of NSSL answers three questions about the VORTEX2 project.

Video length: 3:24 min

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NSSL researchers in the field

NSSL in the Field

Learn more about NSSL's activities in field observations: the instruments, the vehicles, the history, and VORTEX2.

Video length: 7:13 min

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